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I lived in Madison, Wisconsin from 1977 until 1983, during which time I received my masters degree in nutritional science, worked for two years as a research specialist, started work on my Ph.D, and finally quit school to carve wooden spoons for a living. Although my graduate career never quite worked out, the years spent in Madison were a very fruitful and enlightening period of my lifeóa time during which I tried many new things, socially and intellectually.

During this era, I developed the desire to write a novelóof course, the Great American Novel. But while I made a number of attempts, no collection of chapters that emerged was ever satisfactory enough to not be discarded. By the time I left Madison, I was faithfully writing in a journal, but no Great American Novel had come together.

Over the decades that followed, I tried a number of times to write a novel. Usually about every three or four years the urge came back around, but nothing ever materialized that I was satisfied with. Interestingly, the same story that was in my head when I left Madison, the idea that eventually became Wooden Spoons, stayed with me over the years. Although I sometimes found it frustrating that I could never complete the story, I believed that someday I would.

The notion of self-publishing had appealed to me from the start because two books that I read early on, Walden by Henry David Thoreau, and Living the Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing, were published by the authors. Yet the expertise to do so and the probable expense of such an enterprise seemed to present as much of a challenge as the writing was proving to be.

However, by the time I entered the twenty-first century, everything had changed. As I was approaching fifty years of age, I developed a story line for my first novel that worked, and I began to write. Meanwhile, the publishing business had advanced into the computer age, and Print on Demand (POD) technology made it economically feasible for anyone to publish a book.

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When Wooden Spoons was ready to be published in 2006, I enlisted a POD company to do the formatting and the actual publishing because I still didnít have the technical expertise and couldnít afford the time to learn. Wooden Spoons was published, and while I was elated to finally see my story in print, I was never quite satisfied with the final product. I was never quite happy with the POD company either, the name of which I still canít disassociate from mine even seven years after we parted ways.

Three years after Wooden Spoons was published, when I was ready to publish Cataloochee Man, I was determined to do it all myself and so took the time to learn the technical skills required. Thus, Walnut Creek Press was born and Cataloochee Man was the first book published by this new company. Wooden Spoons was reformatted , a new cover was designed and it was republished by Walnut Creek Press in 2010. The Man in the Room followed in 2013.

The only part I donít have a hand in, from writing the story to publishing is the actual physical printing of the book, but few small publishers do. Print-ready files are sent to the company that prints them, which in my case is CreateSpace, an Amazon.com affiliate, and when a book is purchased it is printed, as they say, on demand. I also formatted all three books for e-publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing, another Amazon.com affiliate.

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